2007-12-12 / Opinions

Says local union needs new leaders

To the Editor:

I am member in good standing with the Scotia Employees Association (SEA) local union. Recently, the members of my local union's executive committee decided not to back me in what several organizations believe to be a wrongful discharge.

If not for the help of two other men - miner Charles Scott Howard and attorney Wes Addington - I would have been left hung out to dry by the local union to which I pay dues.

If you are a fellow member of our so-called local union you should keep in mind that you could be the next person left alone by the executive committee in your fight to get your job back or to get your unemployment benefits. After working 11 years for Cumberland River Coal Company, whose workers are represented by the SEA, it took several months for me to win my unemployment benefits while my local union was turning its back on me.

On the third Sunday of this month (December 16), an election will be held to choose a new executive committee for the SEA. In my opinion, we should vote out each officer who is now on the executive committee.

Charles Scott Howard, a belt examiner at Cumberland River Coal, is now just a regular member of the SEA. After seeing all Mr. Howard has done for me and other members of the union, I believe he should elected as the new president of the SEA. Charles Howard has done more for the members of our union by himself than all the current executive committee members combined.

Because a union is just as good as the backbone of its executive committee, we need to elect new officers for the Scotia Employees Union. What happened to me could happen to you next, and we need someone to fight for a just cause.

Thanks again to Mr. Howard and Mr. Addington.


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