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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas and Ridge argued about Thomas’ commitment at work. Ridge told his son that he will get no free rides. Ridge found Thomas with Caroline and questions what he’s doing there. Thomas, who’s flustered from his fantasy about kissing Caroline, responded that he was just helping her with her ankles. Caroline was proud of Ridge when he apologized to Thomas. Caroline and Ridge began to kiss passionately when she received news from Rick that their divorce is final. This made Caroline question her life choices and readdress what she wants from the future. Brooke and Zende shared in their common bond about what it’s like having left for a while and to return finding so much change. Brooke hinted to Zende that perhaps Ridge and Caroline aren’t truly meant for one another. Caroline shared with Ridge her desire for having a child. Thomas and Brooke hada heart-to-heart conversation about Thomas’ relationship with his father and his obvious over-protective stance with Caroline. Thomas remained adamant that he only wants Caroline’s happiness when Brooke suggested that he still has feelings for her. Nicole accepted a challenge and modeled on the Forrester runway when she thought no one’s watching. Once she realized that Zende was in the room, he joined her on the catwalk, and the two shared some fun. Maya and Rick believed that Julius is making an effort to try to accept Maya as the young couple began preparation for their wedding. Rick went over personal details about the ceremony with Nick who would be officiating. Meanwhile, Eric and Brooke talked about Julius and his different prejudices about Maya and their hope that he and Vivienne would accept Maya for who she is. Nicole joined her sister as Maya began preparing for her wedding day. Bridget made a surprise appearance for her brother’s wedding. Rick became upset with his Aunt Katie when she arrived with Dollar Bill Spencer. Bill made an uncharacteristically sincere apology to his once rival. Rick accused Katie of making Bill say that he’s sorry.

THIS WEEK: Maya and Bill share a wonderful moment of acceptance and forgiveness. Vivienne tells Julius tho keep all negative comments to himself before heading upstairs to help her daughter prepare to be married.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole was shocked when Chloe returned to town for a major showdown. Serena took Daniel’s advice to heart and prepared to leave Salem. Theresa figured out a new way to extend her stay at the Kiriakis mansion. While Kyle made inroads with Paige, JJ decided to step up the plan to put him behind bars. JJ snuck into Kyle’s apartment, hoping to find enough evidence to nail him. Brady was suspicious of Theresa’s latest “mishap.” Daniel found Nicole and Chloe in the middle of a heated catfight. Victor laid down the law with Xander. Abigail nervously awaited the results of the paternity test. Clyde’s planned to help Ben go awry. JJ found himself trapped in sticky situation. Theresa used the upheaval at the mansion to her benefit. Abigail had mixed emotions about the results of the paternity test. Kate was delighted when she caught Paul in a compromising position. Hope was thrown when Rafe suddenly started to pull away from her. Aiden gave Clyde and Ben unexpected news. Chad made an impassioned plea for Abigail to choose him over Ben.

THIS WEEK: Caroline has a major health crisis! Kate begins to realize everyone’s warnings about Clyde may not be far off base.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco found Nina in a compromising position while Ric and Madeline continued to scheme against Nina in an effort to gain control of her inheritance. Morgan confided in Sonny, who advised him to come clean with Kiki. Sam and Jake continued to investigate Nik and a major development took place in their investigation. Laura made a decision on what to do regarding Nik and Liz’s secret. Kiki made a shocking discovery that would change her life. Nathan shared his concerns with Nina about her being set up. Carly confronted Ava/Denise about her affair with Morgan. Felix encouraged Brad to reach out to Lucas who had not come home since learning Brad is married. Dante and Lulu had an awkward date with Dillon and Valerie. Sonny called a meeting of the Five Families to figure out who has been undermining his business. Carly continued to find Morgan’s behavior suspicious. Madeline worried Franco will sabotage her plans. Franco turned to Obrecht for guidance while Nina turned to Ric for help. Jake shared important news with Liz, which Liz then divulged to Nik. Liz became suspicious of Nik’s elusive answers about who shot Hayden. Sam dug deeper into the Hayden/Nik connection and made a confession to Patrick. Nik confirmed Liz’s suspicions. Liz felt more guilt over her and Nik’s scheme to cover up the truth about Jake. Meanwhile, Sam and Jake discussed Liz’s trustworthiness.

THIS WEEK: Ava/Denise drops a bombshell. Franco turns to Obrecht for advice.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — While on their honeymoon in Istanbul, Phyllis told Jack that she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Phyllis talked about how different Jack was when they came back from St. Bart’s. When Phyllis demanded to know what’s going on, Jack was forced to tell her the truth! At the GCAC, Cane confronted Lily about her relationship with Joe. Meanwhile, tensions rose between Colin and Devon. Nick agreed to stay at Newman-Abbott after being told Jack’s still a threat. Victor was proud of Nick for the way he stood up for his family. Kevin spied Marisa and Victor meeting in Chancellor Park but couldn’t hear their conversation. Victor revealed that he has people looking for Marco. At the GCPD, Kevin told Harding that Marisa was meeting with Victor. Later, Harding asked Marisa for a description of Marco. On the roof deck, Kevin told Summer, Noah and Mariah that he saw Marisa with Victor. Summer left because she’s upset that Kevin believes Victor’s involved. Kevin told Mariah that he doesn’t think Marisa gave a real description of Marco. Noah arrived at Marisa’s GCAC suite and asked why she met with Victor. At the Underground, Marisa was alerted when Sage said a man called looking for her. Victor put pressure on his P.I. to find Marco. Jack realized that with the possibility of Marco being alive, everyone he cared for is in danger. A power outage in Genoa City sent the town into a tailspin as Phyllis’ evening took a shocking turn, and Hilary found herself in close quarters with Neil. Nikki was alarmed when she found out Neil’s stuck in the GCAC elevator with Hillary. Noah told her that he won’t forget Courtney but doesn’t want to be stuck in the past either.

THIS WEEK: Dylan tells Sharon she shouldn’t be asking Faith about Nick’s relationship. At Marisa’s GCAC suite, she and Noah make love.

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