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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt feels overwhelming pressure from Ivy and Steffy as they excitedly give him opposite instructions about what to do with the video. Thomas has mixed emotions about his much-wanted promotion and working closely with Caroline. Ivy reveals her back-up plan in the event that Wyatt and Steffy actually delete the video without her consent. Brooke tells Thomas about the private conversation she had with Ridge regarding Caroline. Ivy begins to have serious regrets over the final decision she made regarding the video. Liam is surprised to hear that Wyatt had changed the focus of his loyalty to Ivy and supported Steffy in wanting the video deleted. Ridge calls a meeting with Thomas to ask a significant favor. Wondering what Ridge could want, Thomas and Brooke speculate whether the favor is professional or personal. Aware that Caroline knows the truth about the night Aly died and the existence of the video, Steffy requests that she never disclose either to Ridge. An unexpected announcement is made at Forrester Creations that doesn’t go over too well with many of the staff on-hand. Steffy questions Thomas’ unusual behavior and sudden change of heart towards Ridge and Caroline’s relationship. Due to Ridge’s recent declaration, Brooke pushes him to confess to Caroline about what he did while he was living in France. Ridge sets Brooke straight about the influence that she has in his decision-making within his personal life. The Forrester Creations’ employees are all abuzz regarding the major announcement made earlier. Caroline voices a previous concern she once had regarding Thomas. Ivy is excited and a bit nervous as she prepares for her very first photo shoot as the new face of Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Steffy flexes her power as president of the company and makes alternate plans for the photo shoot. Being a concerned and protective uncle, Bill confronts Ridge regarding his relationship with Caroline.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —The killer claims another victim and sets things up to make it seem that Chad is guilty. Chad makes a big confession to Abigail. The identity of the mysterious prisoner is revealed! Aiden’s stunning secret comes to light. Rafe realizes the latest murder can once again be traced back to Chad. Hope defends Aiden to Steve. Bo is determined to get home to Hope, not knowing she’s engaged to another man. Eve receives devastating news. Bo’s captors demand answers. John reveals to Marlena and Brady the real reason he rejoined the ISA. Kate makes Nicole an unexpected offer. Eve seeks comfort from Justin. Brady and Marlena try to dissuade John from his plans. Adrienne breaks things off with a disappointed Lucas. Theresa offers to be Nicole’s partner in buying Basic Black. Julie, Maggie and Caroline reminisce about the past (FLASHBACKS) as they prepare for the bicentennial celebration.

THIS WEEK: Rafe doesn’t want to go where the facts are leading him. Eve has a less than welcome visitor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Madeline does not think Maxie is good enough for Nathan. While getting ready for the wedding, Carly and Morgan have a heart-toheart about Morgan’s mental health. Hayden questions Nikolas about her memory flashbacks and what they mean. Sloane and Anna’s relationship takes a turn. Bobbie notices something in Valerie. Julian and Ava discuss the emotional burden of losing a child. Sloane reminds Anna of their secret, leaving her to ponder her actions and their relationship. Jordan worries about TJ’s future living with Sonny. Ric causes a ruckus during a family crisis. Jake’s memory is triggered by certain events, as Sam tries to help him unravel what it means. Julian continues to maintain his innocence and that he is no longer involved with the mob. Paul makes an important decision about his life. Jake reveals his memory flashback to Elizabeth who scrambles to dissuade him that the memory is intact.

THIS WEEK: Sloane demands that Nikolas makes good on his promises. Jordan updates Anna on the recent criminal activities in Port Charles.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Friends and family gather at Chancellor Park gather for Katherine’s remembrance ceremony. Esther complains to Jill about Colin’s behavior when Jill was in Hong Kong. Jack proposes that he and Victor work together to protect their families from the Paragon Project. Victor hs no idea he is dealing with Jack’s evil double. Phyllis questions Joe as to why he is still in Genoa City. When Phyllis tells Ashley she is suspicious of Joe, Ashley cozies up to him to get information about his business dealings in town. Joe isn’t about to give Ashley what she is looking for. Nikki assures Victor that she and Neil are just friends, but he wonders if that’s the truth. Devon blames himself for Hilary’s disappearance. Billy and Victoria reminiscence about their past weddings and make love. Phyllis and Jack go up to the Abbott Cabin for a romantic getaway.

THIS WEEK: Jack toys with Phyllis’feelings on their getaway. Devon can’t get past his guilty feelings.

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