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RECAPS 3- 28 – 4-1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — While revisiting the location where they fell in love, Wyatt and Steffy make a decision to start their lives together sooner rather than later. Over a reconciliation dinner, Katie announces to Bill and Brooke that she has taken her therapist’s advice to quit drinking. Liam’s obsession with attempting to fully recover his past gives Quinn anxiety and fear over the thought of losing him. Afraid that Liam will remember everything, including their torrid history together, Quinn makes her best effort to distract him from his search. Katie has a close call with Bill discovering that she is still drinking despite her previous proclamation of quitting. Bill becomes suspicious of Katie’s unusual behavior. A genuinely concerned Brooke confides in Rick her worry about Katie and not knowing how to help her. Steffy and Wyatt make a friendly, yet provocative, bet to see who can find their Best Man/ Maid-of-Honor first. Having remembered a piece of his past, Liam questions Quinn about details surrounding their wedding. Bill and Brooke meeting in private to discuss Katie’s change of behavior and whether or not they believe she is still drinking. Katie flashes back to the many reasons why she has turned to the bottle for comfort. On the day of Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding, everyone is eager to meet the man who has recently stolen Quinn’s heart. Just as Steffy welcomed her into the Forrester family, Caroline returns the touching sentiment, welcoming Steffy to the Spencer family. While packing for their relocation, Liam comes across an item that brings another image from his past. Excited about this vision, Liam begins to sketch the face that he cannot get out of his mind. Liam is frustrated about the female’s face that is in his thoughts, a face that does not belong to the woman he knows as his wife.

THIS WEEK: Members of Wyatt and Steffy’s family attest to the love they share while speaking during the wedding ceremony. Having completed the sketch of the image in his mind, Liam becomes determined to find out who this person is.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Afraid he will come for Abigail and Thomas, JJ and Chad are on the lookout for Ben Weston. Chad and Abigail plan to lure Ben into a trap. Abigail questions her sanity. The guards report something on the perimeter of the DiMera compound. Abigail pleads with Ben. Maggie’s faces some health issues. Summer’s motives are questioned. Theresa discovers she’s lost her engagement ring. Maggie is rushed to the hospital with Victor by her side. Deimos gives Victor an ultimatum. Abigail reels, realizing she imagined her encounter with Ben. Philip wants to define his relationship with Belle. Chad does his best to distract Abigail from her concerns and anxiety. Ciara struggles with the aftermath of her rape. Chase’s desperation causes him to commit yet another crime. The Hernandez clan weighs in on giving Eduardo a second chance. Deimos reveals his machinations to Kate. Deimos and Victor go head to head.

THIS WEEK: Victor faces a life or death situation. Steve and Kayla share what could be his last night as a free man together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Liz and Hayden have it out. Nikolas brings Sam up to speed. Tracy has a plan for ELQ that involves her secret weapon. Ava seeks help from an unlikely source. Laura seeks Scott’s help in unlocking the clues Helena left her. Obrecht is challenged by another doctor. Anna throws around accusations that prove to be untrue. Ava admits to Scott that she has no one to turn to. Jason and Dillon are stunned to learn Hayden’s true identity. Tracy receives a sweet surprise, sending her into a moment of true vulnerability. Liz calls Hayden’s bluff. Jordan and Curtis save the day. Julian receives an interesting offer. Kiki has something in mind to snap Morgan out of his depression. Kristina opens up to Alexis. Scott and Ava’s arrangement gets off to a rocky start. PTSD reaction has an unexpected effect on Morgan. Julian sets Ava’s mind at ease. Griffin reveals his DNA test results. Sonny’s contact puts a bug on someone’s phone. Jason and Sam come up with a plan to get to the bottom of Hayden’s shooting. Nikolas can’t help but focus on Hayden’s betrayal.

THIS WEEK: Julian reminds Alexis of advice she once gave him. Nina enlists a guest columnist at Crimson.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer visits Victor before his trial and asks him why she should believe in him anymore. Victor tells Summer that Phyllis cannot be trusted. Summer is shocked when Victor tells her that he believes Phyllis is the one who kidnapped Adam. Victor’s trial begins and Phyllis takes the stand and explains what life was like when Marco was impersonating Jack. Later, Nikki tells Victoria and Nick that she is convinced that Victor will go free and that there will be retribution for all of them. Victoria tells Jack that if Victor is found guilty, she’s going to end the war between their families. Meanwhile, Phyllis breaks down to Billy and tells him that she will never be able to forgive Victor. Chelsea is surprised that Adam can let go of Newman Enterprises so easily. Adam confesses to Chelsea that no matter the outcome of Victor’s trail, things will never be the same between him and his father. Later, she finds Adam engrossed in a news report about how Newman Enterprises has been suffering since Victor’s trial. Sage, Shawn, and Faith share a nice moment after having painted the baby nursery. Sage is uncomfortable when Faith mentions that she’ll be sad that Shawn won’t be around when the baby comes home.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis feels conflicted and guilty. Sage tries to cover up her emotional regrets.

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