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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Everyone in attendance at Wyatt & Steffy’s wedding raise a glass to show their support for the happy newlyweds. Concerned about her sister’s sobriety, Brooke checks up on Katie to make sure that she didn’t drink at the wedding. Liam has another flashback about the unknown woman, but, this time it is of more of an intimate nature. Because of these recent flashes of memory, Liam grows even more distrusting of Quinn. Newlyweds Wyatt and Steffy discuss many possible ideas of how to officially solidify their marriage. Liam becomes even more confused about his past when his memories do not match up with what Quinn had told him. When Bill arrives to find out what the sister are heatedly discussing, Katie pleads with Brooke to keep quiet. Having had enough of not hearing from his son, Bill recruits Justin to put out a search for Liam’s whereabouts. Knowing that Quinn is leaving for an extended trip, Wyatt interrupts his honeymoon to pay his mother a visit. Quinn starts to unravel when she finds Liam holding the sword necklace that she took from him while he was unconscious. Seeing Quinn’s reaction, Liam questions her about what else she has been keeping from him. Despite having married Wyatt, Steffy reminisces about her times with Liam and wonders where he could be. Bill fears for the worst when Justin’s extensive investigation turned up no sign of Liam. Wanting to compare notes on where Liam could be, Bill calls Steffy to meet him. Liam begins to will himself to remember his past and is able to recall small pieces of his memory, including his name. Steffy and Bill share their respective theories about where Liam could be and how he could be with. When Bill tells Steffy about Justin’s unsuccessful comprehensive search for Liam, she begins to fear for the worst. With memories slowly returning to him, Liam specifically remembers Steffy and the love they shared.

THIS WEEK: With Liam’s memory having returned, Quinn fears that she will soon be pursued by the police, or even worse, Bill. Brooke is disappointed when she catches Katie redhanded about to discretely take a drink.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Caroline has a new vision of Victor. Deimos gazes at a photo of a woman from his past (who looks just like Nicole). Nicole and Caroline rush to Victor’s bedside. Summer fears Maggie may be paralyzed. Kayla suggests to Steve that they go on the run to avoid his trial. Kayla meets Jade for the first time, and learns Joey told her everything about Ava. Chase breaks into Jennifer’s house, continuing his downward spiral. Ciara confronts Chase before he’s taken away. In an unexpected turn of events, charges are dropped against Steve. Kayla calls off the engagement. Phillip has a heated confrontation with Deimos about Victor. Maggie shares an emotional moment with Summer before her surgery. Deimos is fascinated to learn more about Nicole’s past. Abigail finally comes face to face with Ben. Steve broods over losing the love of his life. Kayla confides in Roman about Steve. Ciara and Theo kiss. Abigail prepares for her revenge on Ben Weston. Lucas takes care of a drugged-up Jennifer when he stumbles upon her being out of sorts.

THIS WEEK: Nicole makes a shocking discovery about Deimos’ past. Maggie and Summer open up to each other about their pasts.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam and Jason pursue a new theory. Hayden informs Nikolas that she knows what he did. Curtis makes Hayden an interesting offer. Nathan makes a partial confession to Maxie. Julian cuts a deal with Nina that she can’t refuse. Tracy takes a turn for the worse. Jason and Sam come to a conclusion about Nikolas and Hayden. Anna pulls a fast one on Paul. Michael tells Dante his theory about Sabrina. Tracy needs to have surgery. Sam stops a potential disaster from happening. Carly reminds Sonny of the consequences of going after Carlos. Ava comes home to something horrifying. Alexis takes matters into her own hands on behalf of her daughter. Carly seeks Jason’s help. Sonny makes demands. Anna shows Paul her strength. Julian asserts control. Alexis surprises Kristina. Sonny reassures Michael he’s got the bases covered. Sam and Carly butt heads over Jason.

THIS WEEK: Nina’s fate is determined with a single phone call. There’s a noticeable change in Tracy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the GCAC, Jack informs Phyllis that he doesn’t like the idea of launching Pass Key in the form of a “late-night victory dance.” Jack fears that this may be the final nail in any hope for Billy’s future with Victoria. At the press conference, Phyllis announces the introduction of Pass Key. Later, Victoria arrives and all hell breaks loose at the press conference! Michael advises Victoria to strike a deal with Billy before doing anything else. Dylan tells Sharon that he still thinks there’s something they’re missing in regards to the truth about Dr. Anderson. Sharon recalls a nurse watching her through the door at Fairview when Dr. Anderson presented her with her baby. Later at the hospital, Sharon spots Nurse Stephens and points her out to Dylan. Nurse Stephens explains that she was at Fairview because, being a neonatal nurse, Dr. Anderson called her when Sharon went into labor. Sharon asks Nurse Stephens if she knows what medication Dr. Anderson prescribed her while she was pregnant. Meanwhile at the hospital, Shawn gives birth to her baby. At the GCAC, Nikki opens up to Paul about her relationship with Victor. Devon tells Hilary that he asked Neil to stop her from joining the board of the foundation. When Hilary questions Devon’s motives for blocking her access to the board, he tells her that he’s concerned about her and wants to bring her back down to earth. When Abby wonders if Ashley stayed away from Stitch because of her health crisis, Ashley assures her that, regardless of her health, nothing was going to happen with her and Stitch. Dr. Neville wants Stitch to tell him if he still has feelings for Ashley

THIS WEEK: . Nick tells Victoria that he thinks that Adam may make a play for the company. When Nick offers his help at Newman, Victoria is happy to welcome him back.

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