2016-04-06 / Front Page

City will crack down on junk, pet lawbreakers

The Whitesburg Police Department is reinforcing city ordinances dealing with roaming dogs and junk.

Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields said residents have been complaining about excess garbage located in yards, dogs getting in trash, and dogs chasing people.

“I want to remind everybody about the dog ordinance and trash ordinance,” said Fields. “It’s getting to be a real problem. They need to abide by rules and regulations to live here.”

The longstanding ordinance requiring citizens to either keep dogs on leashes or enclosed by a fence also applies to cats and other animals, Fields said.

If the offense isn’t corrected, dog owners could be fined $500 per day.

Fields is also trying to help rid the city of junk-related eyesores by issuing letters to residents who have trash piled near their homes. Junk violations can carry a $500 fine.

“When visitors are coming to town, we don’t want things looking like an eyesore,” he said.

Fields also plans to crack down on illegal dumping at Dumpsters in Whitesburg. He said Whitesburg residents who pay city garbage bills are allowed to put garbage in Dumpsters, but that people who live outside city limits and pay a county garbage bill will be fined if caught putting their garbage in Dumpsters located inside the citys.

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