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Letcher Co. Police Beat

Monday, April 4 • At 8:09 a.m., the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office receives a report about an Elk Creek woman who was seen using the bathroom in her yard. The caller says the woman had her pants down to her ankles.

Friday, April 1 • At 9:46 a.m., Sheriff Danny Webb is en route to Thornton Road to unlock a Chrysler 300 automobile with the keys locked up inside. • At 1:58 p.m., a resident of Thornton Road calls the Sheriff ’s Office to report a man who has allegedly violated a domestic violence order by driving into the caller’s yard and asking questions about his children while the caller was away.

Wednesday, March 30 • At 4 p.m., the Sheriff ’s Office is contacted by a caller who says one of his renters has been seen trying to break into the mobile homes of other renters at Earl C. Drive, Sexton’s Branch, near Isom. • At 4:02 p.m., an anonymous caller calls the Sheriff ’s Office and identifies a man the caller accuses of “flying up and down” Doty Creek in a red Jeep. Extra patrol is assigned to the area.

Tuesday, March 29 • At a time not documented, a woman calls the Sheriff ’s Office to report an incident related to the adoption of a baby. The caller says the birth father’s mother has been making threats against her on social media regarding the adoption. She says social services workers advised her to call law enforcement.

Thursday, March 24 • At 8:39 a.m., a resident of Hester Drive, Cornettsville,

reports a male subject walking near his home, saying the subject appears to be highly intoxicated. • At a time not documented, a woman advises that she allowed her cousin to stay at her home at Bill Moore Branch for approximately two months, but asked him to leave now that the weather is warmer. The caller said the male subject destroyed a mattress and two homemade quilts during his stay.

Tuesday, March 22 • At 11:18 a.m., an employee at Neon City Hall calls the Sheriff ’s Office to report that a female subject is on Main Street “completely messed up.” The employee is afraid the woman will fall into traffic. • At 1:28 p.m., an anonymous caller reports a forest fire near the old Marlowe mine at Sandlick. Fire departments have been notifi ed.

Monday, March 21 • At a time not documented, a Millstone woman calls the Sheriff ’s Office that she received a telephone

call on March 16 from a man identifying himself as Roger Bond, a representative of Cash Advance America. According to the caller, Bond told her she qualified for a loan of $5,000 if she would send a “MoneyGram” of $250 to cover insurance costs to Bond, who gave the caller a Nevada mailing address. The woman said she sent a total of three $250 payments to Bond, per his request, but never got the loan he promised.

Friday, March 18 • At a time not documented, a woman from Flat Gap near Eolia reports that she was walking on the driveway of her mother’s home when another female stopped in the roadway and threatened to “beat her ass.” The caller, who is five months’ pregnant, identifies the other woman.

Thursday, March 17 • At 11:03 p.m., an employee of Appalachian Auto Recovery reports to the Sheriff ’s Office that he has repossessed at 2011 Nissan Sentra automobile from a man and woman who

live at Chopping Branch, McRoberts.

Tuesday, March 15 • At 2:04 p.m., a Sheriff ’s Deputy reports that he is en route to the Letcher County Jail with a female prisoner suspected of stealing a wallet from a woman at Mountain Vendors Mall near Whitesburg. The suspect’s car will be towed from the Mall’s parking lot. • At 3:50 p.m., an employee of Community Trust Bank, Whitesburg, reports receiving a threatening call from a male subject who cursed bank employees and called them idiots for locking their doors at the normal time of 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. (The bank stays open until 5:30 p.m. on Fridays.)

Monday, March 14 • At 1:29 p.m., a caller from Linefork (KY Highway 160) tells a Sheriff ’s Department dispatcher that on Saturday, March 12, his Lortab 10 and Norco pain medications were stolen from his residence, apparently while he was gone to the store on that day. The caller said he discovered the medications missing when

he “got up Sunday evening” to take his prescribed doses. • At a time not documented, a Big Cowan man tells the Sheriff ’s Department that if the man living in a trailer he rents to his daughter does not vacate the premises he might kill him. A sheriff ’s dispatcher tells the caller he is speaking to a deputy sheriff and warns him he needs to be careful about telephoning such threats.

Thursday, March 10 • At 9:19 a.m., a resident of Elaine Road, Premium, reports that someone has burglarized her home and stolen $3,000 in cash and other items. The caller identifi es a father and son whom she believes committed the crime.

Wednesday, March 9 • At 10:57 a.m., the Sheriff ’s Office is asked to send a deputy to the parking lot of Isom IGA, where a hitand run accident has taken place. • At 10:59 a.m., a Sheriff ’s Deputy is assigned to patrol the Bentley Loop area of Payne Gap, near Jenkins, after a complaint is made about a silver 4-door Chevrolet Impala driving recklessly.

Tuesday, March 8 • At 10: 51 a. m., the

Sheriff ’s Office receives a report of fighting between three men at Busted Knuckle Drive at Little Colley, between Isom and Sandlick Gap. The caller says all three of the fighters have outstanding warrants against them. At 12:16 p.m., two deputies report they are en route from the scene with two prisoners, one male and female, identified as Taylor Niece and Donald Cornett.

Monday, March 7 • At 9:38 a.m., the Sheriff ’s Office is notified about a car that has been abandoned in the parking lot at Pine Mountain Grill, Whitesburg. The tag number is 582-PLP. • At 2:18 p.m., a caller asks the Sheriff ’s Office to perform a welfare check on a female in her 60s who lives at Emily Lane, Eolia. The caller says the woman is diabetic and has no electrical service to her home. • At 2:30 p.m., a woman calls the Sheriff ’s Office to report that someone has on three occasions tried to access her mother’s debit card account at Community Trust Bank through an ATM machine at Whitaker Bank at Isom. The mother last used the debit card at Dollar General Store at Isom, the caller says.

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