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One shot at Jeremiah

One man was shot and wounded Wednesday night and police are still looking for the shooter.

The incident occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m. on a walkway outside the home of Shiloh Cody Adams, in the 400 block of Black Bottom Rd., just off KY 7 South at Jeremiah.

Kentucky State Police said Eddie Collins, 42, of Jackhorn, went to Adams's home and got into some sort of altercation with Denver Lee Gibson. Police say Collins shot Gibson once in the arm and fled in a purple Pontiac G6.

Neighbors said Gibson, 52, of Whitesburg, ran to a nearby home and knocked on the door, telling them he had been shot and needed an ambulance, then ran away again. He was transported by ambulance to the helipad at Whitesburg ARH Hospital, and flown to Pikeville Medical Center, where he was in stable condition.

Adams was not home at the time, but police are still searching for him for probation violation. He was under supervised probation until 2021 for a methamphetamine charge, however the state Department of Corrections lists him as "absconded."

Collins, who also has not been found, was also wanted for absconding probation on theft, trespassing, malicious mischief and burglary charges, as well as for the shooting.

Gibson was on parole from a sentence for methamphetamine possession.

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Wed, 2018-01-03

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