2018-05-16 / Columns


GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle had a bizarre stroke of luck. Michael and Dante had a night out. Sonny was perplexed. Jordan encouraged Anna. Peter looked for reassurance. Things did not look good for Carly. Kim had good news to share. Ava reclaimed a small piece of control. Anna and Griffin caught up. Finn bumped into Alexis. Olivia was in a bind. Sonny was deeply troubled. Stella looked on the bright side. Jason asked Spinelli for help. Sam’s plans were thwarted. Dante got one over on Chase. Curtis’ nerves got the best of him. Stella was horrified. Alexis was gut wretched. Sam stumbled upon an important clue. Finn was apologetic. Ava tried to entice Griffin.

THIS WEEK: Josslyn connected with Oscar. Valentin pled with Nina. Peter’s plans were delayed.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Brooke disagreed about which of their daughters should be with Liam. Emma, the new Forrester Creations intern, offered to help Hope plan her wedding. Grateful for the information he shared about Steffy and Bill, Liam asked Wyatt for a significant favor. Bill got defensive when Justin attempted to give him a reality check. Wyatt became furious when he overheard a conversation not meant for his ears. Brooke met with a wedding planner to ensure that everything’s picture perfect for Hope. Bill was forced to face the fallout of Wyatt’s wrath. Steffy turned to Taylor for comfort who became incensed at how insensitive Brooke has been towards Steffy. The newly engaged couple shared a private and loving moment. Brooke was surprised to find Taylor on her doorstep. The two quickly threw accusations at each other on whose daughter’s at fault for the way things played out with Liam. Brooke and Taylor revisited their decadeslong feud and argued about their past, their present and their respective daughter’s future. Hope and Liam cherished their pre-wedding time together. Bill made Wyatt an offer and relayed to him what he feels Wyatt’s future with Spencer Publications would be. Ridge sought out Liam to tell him that he’s making a terrible mistake in leaving Steffy and marrying Hope. Ridge attempted to convince Liam that he’s being played for a fool by Bill Spencer. Wyatt shared his dilemma with Katie who gave him a shocking response.

THIS WEEK: Katie issued Wyatt a dire warning. Bill reminded Steffy of their history and gave her the upside of being with him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Victor tried to persuade Brady not to marry Eve by tempting him with an intriguing offer. Leo learned he has a surprising new boss. Theresa faced an old adversary. Lucas asked Paul to help him find Chloe. Theresa made a deal with the devil for her freedom. JJ and Eve had an unexpected encounter. Steve secretly asked Roman for a favor. Inspired by Brady and Eve, John made a suggestion to Marlena. Abigail argued against Justin’s legal advice. Stefan and Kate faced off. Justin and Rafe had good news for Gabi who’s still troubled by Abigail’s actions. Marlena and John made a decision about their future. Gabi inadvertently dropped a bomb on Abigail. Chad and Stefan had a violent encounter. Rafe fi- nally decided to grant Hope her wish. Leo lured Sonny deeper into his trap. Abigail angrily confronted Stefan. Xander brought Theresa back to Salem.

THIS WEEK: John and Marlena made wedding plans. Kayla and Steve learned that there might be a chance for Steve to get his eyesight back.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At a special brunch, the Ashby family toasted Lily, and she made a big step as a mother when she resolved to raise Baby Sam as her own child. Meanwhile, things were more tumultuous at the Abbott celebration, where Jack entered on an angry tear; he’s cruel to Dina, throwing insults at her. Traci interceded, reminding Jack that no matter how flawed Dina is, they don’t have much time left with her. Traci and

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